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product-Vector-06VecLoader trailer-mounted industrial vacuums never need to be removed from the vacuuming site for dumping. VecLoaders vacuum cement, coal, ash, dirt, spent abrasive, dust, sand, stone, water and slurry, and most flowable bulk materials and liquids without filter changeover. Load into dump trucks, bulk bags, roll off boxes, gaylords and other storage or disposal vessels. VecLoaders are available in diesel and electric power. All VecLoader vacuums feature pulse-jet filter cleaning and an optional lift package is available for loading into hi-capacity trucks and oversized containers.

VecLoaders are available in trailer and skid mounted configurations and feature diesel, electric or petrol power. VecLoaders are offered to 5,700 CFM and 28” Hg vacuum.

From the Mini VecLoader, to our largest trailer mounted vacuum loaders which match the power and performance of vacuum trucks, Tutex can meet your vacuum needs. Vector introduced VecLoader vacuums in 1975. Since then, VecLoader has defined industrial vacuuming excellence.

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