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HDD Vacuum Excavators

HDD650The HDD Vacuum Excavators are Vector’s most versatile, powerful systems ever configured for vacuuming of directional drilling fluid, hydro excavation, utility locating, potholing activities and culvert and sewer cleaning. HDD Vacuum Excavators combine high-pressure water and vacuum capabilities into a compact trailer mounted or skid mounted package for proven performance, exceptional resistance to wear and abrasion, and superior filtration. Vector has developed the best reduction tool available allowing many hydro excavation jobs to be done with one worker.

Tutex work closely with Vector and no two machines are the same, working with the customer to create the optimum machine for each application is our main aim.

The HDD series can be skid mounted, 3.5t or 7.5t truck mounted or built on to our custom made heavy duty UK spec trailer.

Power Unit

  • Fully enclosed Power Module for safety, environmental and vandal protection with sound attenuation foam
  • Positive displacement Vector rotary lobe blower ranging between 650 and 2000cfm with 28”HG, pull up to 300m from vacuum.
  • 35 – 235hp John Deere, Kubota orDaihatsu turbo charged diesel engine with water, oil and temperature shutdowns
  • 50 – 225ltr fuel tank
  • Quick, easy and safe access to service points including external drains and fill points
  • Superior washable, filtration system (no tools required)Cartridge filter for blower protection.
  • Standard oversized discharge silencer for quiet operation, with varied sound attenuation packages available.
  • Emergency vacuum shutdown mounted on side, with remote pendant option.
  • Total vacuum and pressure differential gauges

HDD-truck-mounted.jpgSpoils Tank

  • 1000 – 3200ltr tank with hydraulic dump hoist and remote pendant with 55º dump angle
  • Oversized dual acting scissor-lift hydraulic dump hoist rated at 6800kg with 400mm stroke and 50mm rod and a 36-month warranty
  • Water and airtight sealing Quick Dump™ vacuum tailgate with full open door & no internal mechanisms to bind or jam.
  • Cyclonic material entry for enhanced material control and extended filter life
  • Use either 75mm(3”), 100mm(4”) or 125mm(5”) pipe diameters.
  • Klean Slick™ tank lining
  • Large stainless steel ball automatic liquid level shut-off
  • 150mm liquid discharge brass dump valve -Two oversized sight glasses for “full” and “½ full” viewing

High Pressure Water System

  • Triplex water system with 15m-100m of 3/8” high-pressure hose on heavy-duty locking reel, unloader valves, and safety devices
  • Pump rating of 18ltr/minute at 4,000 psi, adjustable without tools
  • 500 – 1000ltr HDPE water tank, fitted with a 450mm diameter removable port to permit inspection and access into the tank
  • Low water level shutdown
  • Cold weather package

Vector vacuums


  • Water tool package consisting of turbo nozzle and cleanup tool.
  • Large amber warning beacon
  • System is acid etched before priming with epoxy primer and painted with weather resistant polyurethane paint color of your choice.
  • Vacuum package consisting of PVC vacuum tool, street cleaner, and 15m-100m of abrasion resistant hose for 75mm, 100mm and 125mm inlets.


  • Skid mounted for 3.5 or 7.5t trucks or mounted on our custom made heavy duty twin axle UK spec trailer.
  • Options for C42/C50/C76 CompAir compressor on 7.5t trucks.
  • Sound attenuation packages available.
  • Skid Mount (S)
  • Module (M)
  • Trailer (T)

Finance is available on this machine. Request more information.

For more information on the Vector HDD Vacuum Excavator please email us.

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