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Vacuum Excavators

Tutex provides a wide range of vacuum excavators to suit many different applications.

We work alongside several different manufacturers from the United States, and are the exclusive UK and European distributors for Vac-Con and Vector, two of the leading manufacturers of vacuum excavators worldwide.

At Tutex, we pride ourselves on our ability to custom-build machines to your particular requirements. For example, as standard, we mount the US-manufactured machines on European-specification chassis or trailers, adapting the set-up for left-hand or right-hand drive vehicles as required.

Customising your machine is no problem; whether it’s adding a boom arm, choosing the size of your debris tank or increasing the suction power, we can provide a bespoke excavator hassle-free.

Our products range from the smaller Air-Vac, which is powered by a compressor, to the much larger Suction Excavators from Vac-Con. See below for further information on each of the individual products we offer, and don’t hesitate to let us know if you would like to discuss how we could tailor any of these machines for your precise requirements.

We offer finance on all of our vacuum excavator models. To find out more or to get a quote, contact us today.

Vac-Con X-Cavator

The Vac-Con X-Cavator is our largest and most powerful hydro suction excavator.

Available with an 8, 10 or 12-inch remote control boom
Choice of a 7, 9 or 11 cubic metre debris tank
Mounted on a 26-tonne Iveco Tracker as standard, but can be mounted on to a chassis of your choice
Optional Vanair 185cfm air compressor
Choice of 3-stage fan or Positive Displacement blower

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Vector HDD series

The HDD series from Vector Vacuums is our most versatile hydro vacuum excavator.

Available as a skid, on a trailer or even modular
Machines range from 650-2000cfm
Optional boom arm
Optional Vanair compressor
Range of debris tank sizes
4 or 5-inch vacuum pipe

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Vector VecLoader

The Vector VecLoader is an industrial vacuum that does not need to be removed from site for waste product disposal.

Available as a skid or trailer-mounted
Does not need to be removed from site for waste dumping
Up to 5700 cfm
28” Hg vacuum
Features pulse-jet filter cleaning

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Vac-Con Industrial Vacuum loader

The Industrial Loader is extremely simple to operate and maintain and is well equipped for use in tough conditions for site clean-ups.

Able to recover wet or dry material with up to 28” Hg and 6100cfm
High-efficiency filtration system
Automatic Material Return System
Suitable for use in harsher environments, such as oil and gas fields, mines and power stations

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Vector HXR series

The HXR series is Vector’s most powerful vacuum excavator

Skid mounted with a hook loader option
On board 185cfm compressor
Up to 8000cfm
6 or 8 in vacuum pipe
3 stage fan or PD blower

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The Air-Vac is perfect for smaller arborist projects. It is the mobile, portable alternative to large, expensive vacuum trucks.

Includes 4.5m vacuum hose and 1.5m vacuum wand
Powered by compressed air
Lightweight, easy to maneuver into tight locations.
Perfect for all types of tree root work.

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Vector Frackvac

FrackVac is the safer, greener and cost effective vacuum solution. The FrackVac provides the power of a vacuum truck with distinct cost advantages.

Mounted on a roll-off trailer platform for quick and easy mobilisation
Vacuuming can be performed at distances up to 200m
Reduces environmental risks with a simple, easy to operate, always present vacuum system
Can be operated by lower skilled and more likely available workers as it does not need to be removed from site for waste disposal

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