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PTO-Driven Rotary Screw Compressor Package
Quick and Easy Mounting on Your Tractor’s 3-Point Hitch

Vanair’s Tractor-Pac is a totally self-contained PTO-driven rotary screw compressor package designed for quick and easy mounting on your tractor’s 3-point hitch. Deriving its power directly from the tractor’s PTO, the lightweight simple design allows for easy service and maintenance and requires no electrical controls or connections. The Vanair Tractor- Pac comes with the industry’s only Lifetime warranty on its air end.

Compressor Dimensions with fittings (in.) – 34L x 34W x 49H

*Dimensions listed are not a complete representation of total space necessary.  Please consult Vanair for overall space and air requirements.

Mounting Weight (lbs.) – 500 lbs.TractorMount


Capacity (cfm)

Air (psi)

Input Speed (rpm)

Output Required (hp)

Drive Belts
Three “5V”

Fluid Capacity (gal.)

Product improvement is a continuing goal. Design and specifications are subject to change without notice or obligations.

Special Features

Rugged skid mounting ideal for harsh off-road conditions
Lightweight, compact design
Easy service and maintenance


Class 1 hitch

Options available for 125 or 150 psi models. Additional HP is needed for 125/150 psi.
1000 RPM tractor PTO is required for proper compressor input speed.

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