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Vac-Con X-Cavator

The X-Cavator’s powerful vacuum and high-pressure water system will excavate to the power of the X to get the job done right.

The X-Cavator enables you to locate and safely excavate around valuable utilities without damaging them. There is no application too tough for the X-Cavator, and you can order yours with specific options to handle those special excavation jobs you are expecting. Some of the opportunities waiting for the X-Cavator are:

  • Trenching
  • Potholing / Daylighting
  • Exposing Utilities
  • Highway & Street Repairs
  • Water & Sewer Repairs
  • Long Distance & Congested Area Excavation
  • Oil & Gas Distribution Lines
  • Propane & Gas Tank Remediation

Everyone has a tough job when it comes to excavating. Whether it’s locating and excavating to expose underground utilities, precise trenching for utility installation or setting poles, the Xcavator is ideal for each customer application. There are many different types of businesses that can take advantage of the Xcavator’s versatile performance, including:

  • Highway Maintenance
  • Utility Contractors
  • Directional Boring Contractors
  • New Construction Contractors
  • Oil & Gas Contractors
  • Oil Field Contractors
  • Public Utilities Power Companies


  • 3-Stage Centrifugal Compressor 13500 m3/hr
  • Filter Free Cyclonic Separator
  • Variable Speed Hydrostatic Drive
  • Remote Control PowerFlex Telescopic Boom
  • Boom Tie Down Assembly
  • 320º Rotating Boom (no chain drives)
  • Aluminium Diamond Plate Storage Boxes & Cabinets
  • Cross Linked Polyethylene Water Supply (3000 L)
  • Automatic Vacuum Breaker Shut Off
  • 15 L/min/285 bar Hydro-Excavator
  • Passenger Side Controls
  • 30m Retractable Reel, Extendable High Pressure Wand, Rotating Nozzle
  • Corten® Steel Debris Body 7m3, 9m3 or 11m3.
  • Low Pressure Hand Gun w/Quick Connect at Pump with 7m of 1/2” hose
  • Full Opening Rear Door/Hydraulic Door Locks/ Hydraulic Door Grabber
  • Emergency Shut Off


  • Positive Displacement Blower with Cyclone Separator
  • Vanair Air Compressor (185 cfm/150 psi)
  • Wireless Remote
  • Hot Water Diesel Powered Boiler 1,200,000 BTU
  • Heaters for Storage Boxes & Cabinets
  • Insulated Pump & Control Panel Cabinet
  • Winter Recirculation
  • Air Purge
  • Hydraulic Pump Off Systems
  • Hydraulic Fold Down Pipe Racks
  • Grounding Cable
  • Electric Tank Vibrator
  • 5m Hi-Dump Debris Body
  • Rear Door Splash Shield
  • Remote Lube Systems for Module
  • Long Handle Storage-PVC
  • Centrifugal Compressor Flush Out
  • Heavy Duty Swinging Style Deflector Plate
  • Heavy Duty Rubber Hose for Inlet & Transition Areas
  • Debris Body Flush Out System
  • Centrifugal Compressor Quiet Package
  • Heavy Duty Boom Elbow
  • Safety Lighting

Vac-Con®’s X-Cavator is easy to operate, safe, durable and outperforms the competition. All backed by Power Up customer support, and our dedicated dealer network brings more power to you®.

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