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MPX – Multi-Platform Coring Unit

The MPX – Multi Platform Coring Unit – is Utilicor’s most flexible coring equipment that easily mounts on a variety of platforms: pickup trucks, flat deck trucks, service bodies or trailers – the MPX fits them all with ease.

Built on a universal base which fits within the width of even the narrowest of pickup trucks, the MPX is a truly revolutionary design. A simple bolt down pattern allows for a variety of installations, and can be swapped between vehicles easily, or even removed and stored off the truck or trailer when not required. The new, dual stage mast deployment system accommodates a variety of deck levels or trailer heights – from low trailers to higher flat decks, the MPX fits them all.
The optional Side-Shift on the MPX allows for precise positioning without repositioning the vehicle or trailer.

Powered by a 36 H.P. Kohler gas engine, the MPX’s hydraulic system creates over 18 GPM of hydraulic flow at 2200 PSI to give you plenty of coring power. The MPX also accommodates up to a 24″ diameter coring drum (18″ being our standard size), utilizing Utilicor’s unique central pilot hole cutting system for ease of core extraction and simplified core reinstatement.

Two rear-mounted outboard stabilizers allow for a rock-solid and dead-accurate set up every time the unit is deployed. Like all Utilicor coring units, the coring drum can be accurately positioned perpendicular to the horizon to ensure that every core can be easily extracted from the roadway, and more importantly, can then be properly reinstated back into the roadway as a permanent repair using Utilicor’s Utilibond™ – Permanent Pavement Bonding Compound.

The MPX comes equipped with a 100-gallon water tank and a high pressure wash system for quick and easy site cleanup. An optional core lift device with a 500 pound capacity is available, as well as a Glycol winterizing system for operations in colder climates.


Weight (empty) 2800lbs/1270kg
Weight (100 gal water) 3600lbs/1633kg
Length 102 inches/2591mm
Width 62.5 inches/1588mm
Height from deck (stowed) 50 inches/1270mm
Height from deck (deployed) 75.5 inches/1918mm
Engine 36 hp Kohler
Fuel capacity 100 Gal/45.5L
Water capacity 100 Gal/378L
Hydraulic flow 18 GPM/68 LPM
Hydraulic system pressure 2200 PSI/151 Bar
Core drum size (diameter) Up to 24 inches/600mm



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