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The Air-Spade is a rugged and durable hand-held tool that produces a stream of supersonic air moving at Mach 2. The Air-Spade effectively penetrates and dislodges most types of soil, but is harmless to non-porous objects such as plant roots, buried pipes, or cables.

Tutex offers the full range of products from Air-Spade. There are several models available, the Air-Spade 2000 is designed for arborists and landscapers and is great for working around tree roots. The Air-Spade 3000 is the big brother of the 2000 and is the perfect tool when you need maximum power. The Air-Spade 4000 is designed with the utilities industry in mind. Made with non-sparking brass components, it is perfect for excavating around live cables.

if you would like to discuss which model best suits your needs, please call or email us.

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