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Air-Spade Introduces the HT144 for Shrubs, Bushes and Flower Beds

Shrub-GunAir-Spade announces the HT144—a new, more compact compressed air tool that provides users with unparalleled safety and productivity. The HT144 is a great addition to the Air-Spade family of pneumatic soil excavation tools. Harnessing the power of compressed air, the Air-Spade Shrub Gun quickly and efficiently excavates soil that covers roots and other underground objects, without causing damage. Featuring a patented supersonic nozzle that generates airflow at Mach 2, the Shrub Gun fractures and dislodges the soil, leaving tree roots, cables, metal and plastic pipes unharmed.

“The Shrub Gun is changing the way arborists, landscapers and gardeners care for plants,” said Thomas Tremblay, president of Guardair. “We recognized a need to provide a more compact Air-Spade tool to meet the varied needs of our customers and the Shrub Gun does just that. The growing season is a busy time for our customers, and with our powerful and efficient compressed air tools they can get the job done easier.”

The Shrub Gun is a powerful excavation tool operating at 60 cfm. It weighs 2kgs with a manoeuvrable, two-foot barrel that makes it perfect for close-up work. While powerful, the Shrub Gun runs on a compressor small enough to fit in the back of a pickup truck and the portability allows arborists, landscapers and gardeners to bring the technology to bear in many new applications.

“I’ve been using the AirSpade for many years,” says Kevin Wedemeyer, certified arborist for C.L. Frank & Company. “This tool is powerful and safe. The technology behind the AirSpade makes our work so much easier. With that same technology and shorter barrel, the Shrub Gun is perfect for tough jobs that require us to get up close.”

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