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Advantages of the VecLoader

Because vacuum trucks combine their vacuum pumps, baghouse/filtration and storage together on a single truck body, they have their limitations; as the truck becomes full, it must be taken off site to be emptied, or have its contents dumped into a pile for re-handling prior to disposal.

The VecLoader Vacuum concept represents a unique approach to high performance industrial vacuuming. VecLoaders do not have to be removed for emptying – they can stay on the job full time without the shovelling, hoisting, dumping, and other multiple handling steps required with a vacuum truck or other vacuum systems. Regardless of configuration, each VecLoader model is completely self-contained so it can vacuum and directly discharge wet or dry materials into a dump truck or other collection device. Its design means it can also return spilled material directly onto conveyers or into varied processing systems.

Additionally, several VecLoader models feature the equivalent power of vacuum trucks, but at a significantly lower cost and with a far smaller footprint.

One of the main benefits of the VecLoader is that unlike the vacuum truck, its storage is not integrated into the system – VecLoader uses the aforementioned dump truck or other separate collection device.

Vacuumed materials are evacuated from the VecLoader on a variable timed basis, set by the user. The VecLoader’s dump timer creates a vacuum break with collected material automatically discharged from the baghouse on a preselected cycle. Dump times are established at machine set-up and are easily changed according to the material being collected. On most flowable products, the dump cycle is very short, often in the 10 second range.

The standard VecLoader features a gravity dump door, which opens at vacuum break as controlled by the dump timer. If continuous vacuuming is beneficial to the process, double dumps, rotary valves and intermediate separators are also offered. However, these devices require additional maintenance and are costly, and for most applications users determine that continuous vacuuming is not essential. Generally, a 10 second break every 10 or so minutes is not critical to the process, especially since the worker often cannot keep up with the capability of the vacuum.

Since 1975 VecLoaders have safely operated on tens of thousands of jobs in a wide variety of applications. VecLoaders are the premier vacuums for activated carbon recovery, surface preparation, roofing rock removal, asbestos and other environmental clean-up, fly ash recovery, mining activities, waste water treatment, cement cleanup and transport, brick and clay recovery, pulp and paper clean up and for a broad range of activities for other general and specialized industries.

VecLoaders are available in trailer and skid mounted configurations and feature diesel, electric or gas power. VecLoaders are offered to 5,700 CFM and 28” Hg vacuum.

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