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What does Tutex do?

We are a provider of innovative safe excavation tools. Put simply, we import an array of safe excavation tools from the USA and Canada, making them available to consumers in the UK and throughout Europe. As well as a strong focus on safety, the tools we provide are all intrinsic to the keyhole excavation method of working.

What is safe excavation?

Safe excavation is a method of working which eliminates the risk of hitting and damaging underground utilities, meaning services are not disrupted, and more importantly, the user is protected from potentially serious harm or injury. The tools involved use air or water pressure, rather than hard graft as an alternative way of displacing earth, making it less strenuous for the worker. And as if that isn’t enough, it is often a much quicker and neater way of working than using traditional methods, meaning less clearing up, so your time is spent doing the important stuff.

What is keyhole excavation?

Keyhole excavation allows workers to access underground utilities with greater precision – think keyhole surgery. The premise is that it requires a smaller area to excavated for works to be carried out, which means less disruption, fewer resources and a much neater and easier restoration process. These factors amount to some serious cost saving.

Our beliefs

At Tutex, we believe that safety is paramount and if there is a safer, more efficient way of doing something, why not do it?

Why Tutex?

Here at Tutex, we have years of experience within the world of safe excavation, from Air-Spades to Vacuum Excavators, and so we know our stuff when it comes to the tools of the trade. We will provide you with a bespoke service – we will share our vast product knowledge, offer honest and impartial advice, and liaise with the manufacturers to create the optimum customised solution, specific to your project. If you know what you’re after, we’ll provide it with no fuss; if you’re not sure we’re here to help.


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