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Utilibond is a multi-component, super-plasticized, lime cement mortar specifically engineered and designed for bonding cement and asphalt cores back into the original substrate.
Unlike typical “grouts” which are moderate strength fillers used for filling cavities, voids and cracks, Utilibond contains special additives designed to enhance the bonding performance of Portland cement-based materials.
This unique blend of components results in high cohesive strength through high density and low water absorption and improves the mechanical performance, workability, adhesion and resistance to harsh environmental exposures of the product such as freeze-thaw scaling.

Colours: Aged Asphalt (UB-AA) is designed to more closely match the colour of an asphalt top roadway, and Natural concrete (UB-NC) is designed to closely match concrete topped roadways or sidewalks.

Sizes: The standard sized pail of Utilibond is 44 lbs. with one plastic lined bag of the Utilibond powder packaged in air tight 5-gallon plastic containers. This single use quantity is designed to reinstate an 18″ diameter core up to 18″ in depth. For shallower or smaller diameter cores, Utilibond is also packaged in a “Twin Pack” format, which has two separate bags of the Utilibond powder, each one being 22 lbs. in weight, which can be mixed separately or together to give the worker the flexibility to use just the right amount of Utilibond in accordance to what size or diameter of core they are reinstating.

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  • Specially Designed for Keyhole Core Reinstatements
  • Super Strong Bond: 50,000 lbs. Exceeds AASHTO H-25 and ASTM 928 Standards
  • Gains full Strength in Just 30 Minutes
  • Creates a Waterproof Joint
  • Excellent Freeze-Thaw Resistance
  • Field-Proven 15 years – ZERO Failures
  • 2 years Shelf Life

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Aged Asphalt, Natural Concrete, Aged Asphalt Twin Pack, Natural Concrete Twin Pack


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