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Advantages of the VecLoader

Because vacuum trucks combine their vacuum pumps, baghouse/filtration and storage together on a single truck body, they have their limitations; as the truck becomes full, it must be taken off site to be emptied, or have its contents dumped into a pile for re-handling prior to disposal. The VecLoader Vacuum concept represents a unique approach […]

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Pictured above: Vac-Con X-Cavator

Why are more companies turning to vacuum excavation?

  With health and safety in the forefront of everybody’s minds, more and more companies are looking for alternative ways to excavate which don’t involve putting their workers at risk. Vacuum excavation has become the preferred method for digging in areas where there is a high concentration of utilities or where access is poor. The […]

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Air-Spade 2000 radial trenching

The Applications of Air-Spade

Have you been introduced to the Air-Spade? If not, where have you been?! Many people closely associate the tool with arboriculture, and rightly so – the Air-Spade 2000 is recognised as an industry standard for most horticulturists, landscapers and tree surgeons – but that barely scratches the surface of the capabilities of the Air-Spade. As […]

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Why Keyhole?

With keyhole techniques, maintenance activities are conducted through small pavement openings, resulting in significant cost savings, reduced public inconvenience, and more efficient repairs. With excavation and restoration expenses costing U.S. natural gas companies more than $1 billion annually, gas system operators are turning to keyhole methods as a way to reduce overall maintenance costs. Currently, […]

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Air-Spade Arb

The Benefits of Air Excavation

Air-excavation has become a preferred method for digging on many jobs ranging from utility work to advanced tree care. Excavating with the Air-Spade offers a number of advantages over conventional tools such as picks, shovels and backhoes, including: Two to three times faster than hand excavation. Less worker fatigue than a pick or shovel. Eliminates sharp […]

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